Close up look at the horrific aftermath of Egypt train crash video

BREAKING NEWS: At least 28 are killed and more than 100 injured as two trains crash in head-on collision along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast

At least 28 people have been killed and more than 100 are injured after two trains crashed into each other in Egypt today.

The head-on collision happened in the Khorshid suburb of the northern coastal city of Alexandria and there are fears the death toll could yet rise further.

Shocking pictures have emerged showing the mangled wreckage of the trains and the dead and injured lying on the ground nearby.

Close up look at the horrific aftermath of Egypt train crash /AkademiPortal from Akademi Portal on Vimeo.

Young Masha and Dasha attempt to learn how to walk


The conjoined twin sisters snatched at birth from their mother and subjected to cruel medical ‘experiments’: One turned into a psychopath, the other a gentle soul who longed for a normal life

*As children, the Russian sisters suffered unimaginable cruelty in the name of medical ‘experiments’

*They were burnt, starved, electrocuted and injected with radioactive substances

*Despite sharing same genetics and childhood, personalities were very different

*Masha was ’emotionally abusive’ to her sister and forced her to get drunk

*She also denied her the chance of love and refused to allow them to be separated

*When Masha died, Dasha refused surgery and died from the toxins of her sister’s decomposing body

*Journalist Juliet Butler befriended the sisters and has revealed the full extent of their tormented lives in her new book

Healt:Boy has gigantic hands due to mysterious medical condition


Indian boy is called the ‘devil’ due to a mysterious condition that has caused his hands to grow to 12 INCHES, which local villagers think is a curse
What İs Elephant Foot Diseasa? Read more: Sourceturk

Horrifying: Man found nailed to tree crucifixion-style in New Mexico


Horrifying video shows the rescue of a man who was nailed to a tree crucifix-style ‘by two men who were sent to threaten him over a real estate deal gone wrong’

Video has emerged showing paramedics rushing to the aid of a man who was found nailed to a tree in Albuquerque, New Mexico in May.

A government worker found Jose Duran nailed to a tree in the city’s Bosque – a type of forest found in the southwestern U.S.

That man quickly ran to get help, and the video, obtained by KRQE, was recorded by one of the men who came to help Duran.




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