Topless PETA flash mob protesters storm London Fashion Week

That’s one way to get the message across! Topless vegan protesters storm London Fashion Week in furious flash mob staged by PETA

Topless vegan protesters have staged a flash mob protest on behalf of PETA as London Fashion Week kicks off.

With the slogan ‘Wear Your Own Skin’ painted across their bodies, the activists encouraged passers-by to shun fur, leather, shearling, and other animal-derived materials as they stood outside The Store Studios, London on Friday.

The group of female PETA supporters braved the winter weather and bared their skin for a vegan protest at the start of London Fashion Week on The Strand today.

PETA Director Elisa Allen commented: ‘Whether it’s the fur of a frightened fox or angora rabbit or the skin of a gentle calf, it’s not fabric and it’s not ours for the taking.’

She added: ‘With so many innovative, high-quality vegan fabrics available, there’s simply no excuse for wearing an animal’s skin or hair.’

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that ‘animals are not ours to wear’ – have previously revealed how , minks, foxes, and other animals spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy cages on fur farms.

Many are then killed by poisoning, gassing, electrocution, or neck-breaking.

Cows destined to be slaughtered for leather endure painful mutilations, branding, tail-docking, and dehorning without painkillers.

In shearing sheds, sheep are cut, kicked, punched, and sometimes killed by impatient workers.

Teenager recorded moment customer careline calls her ‘stupid b***h’

‘The stupid b***h didn’t eat it did she?’: Student who ‘nearly swallowed a three-inch piece of WOOD inside a jar of organic pickles’ is insulted by staff when a friend calls up to complain

A freshman claims she was called a ‘stupid bitch’ by customer service staff for complaining about a three-inch piece of wood she found in a pickle jar which they claimed was part of their new organic approach.

Student Sarah Nahhas, from New York, was eating a jar of Vlasic pickles when she noticed something sharp in her mouth.

The 19-year-old claims she removed the object and was horrified to find a three-inch piece of wood which had cut the inside of her mouth and left her unable to eat for days.

She said: ‘I was hungry and was pretty inattentive being in a dark room watching a movie.

‘I was throwing back the baby pickles like nothing when I felt my fork hit what I thought was a really crunchy one.

‘It was a piece of wood that was probably around two to three inches. When I found out what it was, I was absolutely disgusted.

Intense fist fight in the middle of Los Angeles freeway

Motorists stop to film the action as a brutal brawl breaks out in the middle of a Los Angeles freeway

This is the moment a brutal fist fight broke out right in the middle of a Los Angeles highway.

A video clip caught the scuffle on camera that sees two car owners stop traffic along the busy 105 Freeway in South Los Angeles.

The fight broke out on Wednesday afternoon.

The clip sees the driver of the white vehicle holding the driver of the what appears to be a silver car in a choke-hold throwing punches into his side.

The driver of the silver car relinquishes himself from the hold and fights back with blows to his opponents head.

He is then shoved onto the ground where he lands on his back.

A bystander wearing a motorcycle helmet then intervenes and cuts the two apart.

Immediately the driver from the white vehicle hops back into his car, of which the door was left open the entire time. A train of cars and trucks waits behind his vehicle.

All the while cars stopped to spectate the scene and honk as the two beat each other.

Spectator on the highway Brittney shared a video of the fight online.

‘It was something I’ve never seen. All I saw was just blood all over his entire face,’ she said to CBS.

‘It was already backed up and we had been in traffic for some time and I was like, “Whoa, we aren’t moving at all”, and I just see people,’ she added.

It is not clear what started the altercation.

‘I’ve seen road rage. People flipping people off. But I’ve never seen this before,’ Brittney said.

After passing by she noticed that the vehicle of the man that was pushed to the ground was bashed up. After the brawl that driver pulled over.

‘We don’t know if they crashed and hit each other. I don’t know if it was road rage. I don’t know. It’s scary. You don’t know if bullets will fly and if I had my kids I probably wouldn’t have recorded it,’ she added.

Brittney called police after the incident and California Highway Patrol are investigating.

Woman caught on camera stealing packages from porch

Shocking moment brazen porch pirate steals parcels from a home in California while just wearing a bra and pants

Police are hunting for a porch pirate who was caught on CCTV stealing packages from a home while wearing just a bra.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in California released footage on Thursday of a woman stealing multiple packages from a porch.

Two videos were posted on the office’s official Facebook page in a bid to identify the woman.

In the video, the woman makes two separate trips to the home’s porch to grab all of the packages before driving off in a red vehicle.

The unidentified woman first arrives on the porch wearing dark-colored pants, a jacket and a bra.

She grabs the packages close to the surveillance camera before leaving the porch to deposit them in her two-door car.

The woman later returns sporting only a bra and pants and grabs the rest of the packages on the porch.

Her lack of jacket revealed what is believed to be a belly button piercing and a tattoo on the back of the woman’s left shoulder.

The sheriff’s office in El Dorado, California, released the footage to help find the porch thief.

The incident occurred at 1pm on Thursday, and authorities hope the surveillance footage will help residents recognize the suspect.

Anyone with any information about the incident should call or text the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office at 530-957-5107 or 530-621-5168.


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