Shares the most hilarious home security videos from 2017

What happens when you’re not at home? From wayward mail men to dancing dogs, security camera company shares their best videos of the year

From slips and falls, to dancing dogs, the 2017 Nestie Awards show security cameras capture the entertaining moments most homeowners miss when they are not around.

The home automation company, Nest, released its most hilarious user-submitted footage from their home installations.

In the series of 15 short clips, users have captured curious bears sneaking around their yard, clever dogs jumping over fences, spooky moments in their kitchens, and hilarious mishaps.

Receiving the Nestie for best fall, one clip shows the funny-but-painful moment a man takes a hard hit as he slips while walking up the steps of his porch with his groceries.

The security camera also caught a moment that would have been too bizarre to believe. The best breakthrough performance Nestie was given to a clip in which a father accidentally breaks through the ceiling with his foot while his children are napping in the couch below.

‘My husband was in the attic making sure the new light he installed in the master closet was wired properly. He misjudged the beam distance and stepped right through the ceiling. Both kids were off of school napping on the couch,’ the user said.

Best haunted blanket: A nest camera caught some paranormal activity in the dining area of a home. A blanket is seen moving inexplicably on its own

The funny video shows one of the children waking up to the startling sound as she looks up in bewilderment. The girl then wakes her brother up to show him that their father had broke through the attic’s floor.

Winning the title for best stunt, a mailman was caught driving recklessly through a front yard of a home, taking down garbage bins before running into the garage.

In addition goofs and mishaps, several clips captured clever pets and animals misbehaving while the owners are not around.

A mother’s dog named Beef, was caught in the act when the camera captured the pet slyly creeping into the baby’s bedroom where he is not allowed.

Once inside, Beef is seen joyfully frolicking on the carpet.

Another dog is seen carefully yet successfully jumping over a partition meant to keep the pet from wandering from other parts of the home.

One camera even captured some paranormal activity as footage shows a blanket inexplicably moving on its own. The resident of the home said the spooky moment occurred days after a grandparent had died.



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